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$/Bbl  Dollars per barrel

$/Mcf  Dollars per thousand cubic feet

$/MMBtu  Dollars per million British thermal units

$/Share  Dollars per share

AXPC  American Exploration and Production Council

Bcf  Billion cubic feet

Bcfe  Billion cubic feet equivalent

Bbld  Barrels per day

Bnboe  Billion barrels of oil equivalent

Bopd  Barrels oil per day

CDP  Carbon Disclosure Project

CEO  Chief Executive Officer

CNCL  Caribbean Nitrogen Company Limited

CWC  Completed well cost

EPA  Environmental Protection Agency

EUR  Estimated ultimate recovery

GAAP  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GWPC  Groundwater Protection Council

Hz  Horizontal technology

IP  Initial production

IPAA  Independent Petroleum Association of America

JV  Joint venture

ROR  Rate of return

NAR  Net after royalties

NGLs  Natural gas liquids

LNG  Liquefied Natural Gas

MBbl  Thousand barrels

MBbld  Thousand barrels per day

MBoed  Thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day

Mcf  Thousand cubic feet

Mcfe  Thousand cubic feet equivalent

Mbo  Thousand barrels of oil

Mboe  Thousand barrels of oil equivalent

MMbo  Million barrels of oil

MMboe  Million barrels of oil equivalent

MMBbl  Million barrels

MMBtu  Million British thermal units

MMBtud  Million British thermal units per day

MMcf  Million cubic feet

MMcfe  Million cubic feet equivalent

MMcfd  Million cubic feet per day

MMcfed  Million cubic feet equivalent per day

N2000  Nitrogen (2000) Unlimited

NYMEX  New York Mercantile Exchange

NYSE  New York Stock Exchange

PUD  Proved undeveloped reserves

ROCE  Return on capital employed

SECC  South East Coast Consortium

Tcf  Trillion cubic feet

WTI  West Texas Intermediate

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