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If your company is contemplating farm-ins, joint ventures, property exchanges or strategic asset sales, consider EOG. Tap into EOG’s consistent game plan by putting our employees’ experience, knowledge and commitment to work for you. Through our use of technology to unlock the future, we have the resources and skills to be your business development partner.

EOG is Financially Stable

When you’re seeking an exploration and production partner, choose an innovative, dynamic company with a strong financial foundation and a track record of success. EOG is one of the largest independent (non–integrated) crude oil and natural gas companies in the United States with proved reserves in the United States, Trinidad, the United Kingdom and China.

EOG is financially stable with a strong balance sheet and a solid credit rating.

At year-end 2016, EOG reported:

  • Total worldwide production of 205 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMBoe)
  • Total U.S. production of 181 MMBoe
  • Net proved reserves of 2,147 MMBoe

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EOG Grows Organically

EOG’s strategy of concentrating on growth through the drillbit has been very successful. This reputation for organic growth stems from an emphasis on drilling internally generated prospects in order to find and develop low-cost reserves. The majority of EOG’s production comes from its premier U.S. assets. In addition, our operations in Trinidad, the United Kingdom and China contribute to our ongoing success.

While we have an extensive, internally developed drilling inventory, EOG continually seeks opportunities to partner with companies of various sizes to develop, drill and operate prospects or make strategic acquisitions that are located in or near the footprint of our existing operations.

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EOG’s Expertise Can Add Value

EOG’s professionals are exceptionally talented in developing innovative drilling and completion geoscience and reservoir stimulation techniques. For example, EOG has become a leader in horizontal drilling and well completions through innovative completions techniques.

In the South Texas Eagle Ford, EOG holds a premier acreage position in the crude oil window and ranks as the single largest crude oil producer in this area. In the Bakken/Three Forks, EOG was one of the state’s top crude oil producers in 2016. In addition, EOG’s liquids-rich assets in the Permian Basin include acreage in the Delaware Basin Leonard and Wolfcamp and the Midland Basin Wolfcamp.

EOG is Responsible and Professional

EOG is committed to following established safety and environmental policies and procedures throughout its exploration and production activities. Also, EOG’s professionalism is evident throughout the accounting, legal, land, administrative, information technology and marketing teams that support our operations.

EOG Is Ready to Talk

Our partners tell us that although EOG may be a large cap independent, we have the agility and ability to make decisions quickly.

EOG is ready to sit down and discuss a mutually beneficial agreement with your company. We are also willing to go the extra distance to make it work. For example, when a joint venture partner requested more information about the wells EOG was drilling, a unique solution was developed. Through a program offered by EOG, drilling data can be made available over a specially designed secure website on a real-time basis, allowing the partner to monitor the progress of the wells on a daily basis and to offer input along the way.

For more information about how your company and EOG can partner on farm-ins, joint ventures, property exchanges or the purchase of strategic assets, please call or email one of our professionals today.

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