Ownership Change
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Types of Ownership Change and Documents Needed

Note: All changes must be requested in writing.

Death of Owner

    If the owner passed away with a Will and probate proceedings are to be conducted in the state where the property is located all of the following documents are required:
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified copy of the last Will and Testament recorded in the county where the property is located
  • Order admitting Will to probate
  • Letters Testamentary
  • Final Decree or Court distribution documentation
  • Owner(s) address and current W-9
    If the owner passed away without a Will (intestate) and the Estate is under administration (Laws of Descent and Distribution will apply as relevant):
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified copy of the Courts administration proceedings
    If the owner passed away without a Will (intestate) or with a Will and no administration proceedings will be processed:
  • Copy of Death Certificate with informants contact information
    Owner passed away with a life estate:
  • Copy of Death Certificate and a copy of the recorded life estate deed reflecting the remainderman
  • W-9’s and address information should be provided for the remainderman
    Interest is owned by Joint Tenancy and one of the owners passed away:
  • Copy of joint tenants Death Certificate

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Name Change

    Name changes due to Marriage or Divorce:
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree or other documents affecting name
    Company or Corporation name change:
  • Certificate of Name Change including a current W-9

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Transfer of Interest

    Owner sold full or partial interest to another individual or company:
  • Copy of the recorded deed/assignment with address information for the new owner(s)

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Trust/Partnership Change

    Creation of Trust or Partnership:
  • Trust or Partnership agreement with current W-9’s
    Termination of Trust or Partnership:
  • Dissolution agreement of Trust or Partnership with current W-9’s

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Change of Trustee

  • Legal document evidencing appointment of successor trustee

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