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EOG’s Commitment to Our Communities

Favoring a decentralized business model, EOG has divided its operations in the United States into eight different operating areas. The company believes this organizational approach, where employees live and work in the same communities where it has operations, has a positive and direct impact on local communities. Employees and contractors directly support regional economies by purchasing local goods and services and paying local taxes. EOG employees also take pride in making a positive difference in the lives of those around them and in their own communities.

  • EOG strives in its operations to protect human rights, minimize impact to native lands and culture and demonstrate respect for the cultural, social and religious beliefs and traditions of others. The company recognizes and works to comply with all local, tribal, state and federal laws that apply to its operations.
  • EOG employees actively engage with civic leaders, elected officials and community groups in a collaborative manner to discuss impacts that may arise from the company’s operations, while looking for opportunities that strengthen the communities where the company is active. For example, EOG has been able to support infrastructure and service projects that have improved the lives of local citizens.
  • The company also partners with colleges and universities to fund training and educational opportunities that lead to local employment opportunities for residents in communities where the company operates. EOG employees have annually raised money for a wide range of events, including the March of Dimes Walk America, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Alzheimer’s Memory Walk and MS150 bike rides, as well as area United Way campaigns.
  • EOG’s positive economic benefit to the communities in which it operates is exemplified by an award recently presented to the company by the Chippewa Falls Economic Development Council. The council named EOG the Chippewa Business of the Year in recognition of the start-up and successful operation of the company’s sand processing plant, which brought numerous new jobs to the area and bolstered the county’s tax base.

Employee donations are matched by EOG as part of the matching gifts program, which encourages personnel to support charitable organizations. To encourage employees to be generous, EOG matches their donations, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000 per employee, per calendar year. In 2011, the company was able to provide much needed funds to a number of relief efforts in operating areas that were hit by severe flooding conditions, tornadoes and other natural disasters. At EOG, the spirit of giving is matched only by a tradition of participating. Employees in every EOG location have been generous in donating their time to serve a wide range of charitable organizations. Engrained in the company culture, volunteerism is also encouraged and employees enjoy the opportunity to work together on different community projects. Employees help others not because of a feeling of obligation but because of a desire to make a difference in their quality of life.

  • EOG employees across its operations can be found taking community leadership roles. They talk with school children about the oil and gas industry, donate used computers to local classrooms, support rodeos in small towns and serve on school boards and in numerous other volunteer roles. Employees also seek ways to lend a helping hand to people in various stages of their lives from pre-school children to the elderly.
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